• Solid and Enterprise Grade

    Services in our TIER III data center facility are focused on convenience and availability. You expect parking space, shipments to be securely handled or spare cables to be there when you need them and a nice cup of coffee when you’re done. But it all starts with: secured suites, cooling, power and cabling. We work with internationally renowned manufacturers to guarantee the use of the best tools, equipment and products to secure, house and connect your infrastructure. We are not only passionate but also dedicated to providing the best data center services possible while providing competitive rates for space and energy.

  • Options for your private datacenter

    Flexible, Open Compute Project Ready and High Density data center solutions


    Small Footprint

    Each rack is equipped with two powerfeeds and two lockable doors. Each aisle has sufficient space to work, mount equipment and blanking panels are used to maximize cooling effiency. Our carriers provide plug and play connectivity solutions

    Private Enclosures

    Medium Footprint

    Achieve maximum security against the lowest possible TCO using a Cage or Private Enclosure for almost any number of IT cabinets. Cages or Enclosures are built to your needs and will meet your current and future requirements. Private Access, extra security measures, flexible density are all possible.

    Private Suites

    Large Footprint

    No more need to build your own expensive and inefficient private facility. DCValley offers Private Suites by utilizing dedicated Modules with dedicated infrastructure for single customers. Each of the suites is designed to offer flexible density, cold aisle containment and multiple security layers.

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  • How we work

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    Smooth Handover

    The best way to start

    A smooth less handover of your cabinet is part of a deal with DCValley. After the paperwork has been processed DCValley starts activating and delivery of the suite / cage / cabinets and other procured services. We can assist with the safe transport and installment of your equipment to our facility. The steps in the walkthrough below are taken to make sure everything is ready for service on the commencement date. To guide you along the way we will inform you about progress of delivery after each step has been validated. Your Account Representative or an appointed Implementation Manager will assist you step by step during this first stage up until the handover of the services.


    Clear access and clear restrictions

    In order to serve every tenant in an equal manner and to maintain security levels and workings of the data center we have clear policies when entering, using and exiting the data center. We will hand every engineer and visitor a form upon arrival which they have to sign. It is imperative that orders from facility staff are always followed. Policies can be downloaded and found only in the online private portal.

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