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Fusix Networks expands its network to provide connectivity services from the DCValley NL1 data center

8 March 2018

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Amsterdam/Ede, 8 March 2018 – DCValley, a new Dutch player in the data center and colocation industry, and Fusix Networks, have reached an agreement to provide connectivity services from the DCValley NL1 data center in Ede, The Netherlands.

When DCValley opens DCValley NL1 in Ede, The Netherlands, Fusix will be ready to provide services such as IP transit and consultancy to the data centers customers.

“We look forward to extend our services footprint to DCValley and deliver to its customers Internet connectivity and networking consultancy that exceed their expectations in speed and stability”. Says Yulia Makhlin, Business Development Executive at Fusix Networks.

“As a carrier-neutral data center operator being able to offer multiple dependable connectivity services is a prerequisite to be of value to your customers. Adding a quality provider like Fusix Networks to our growing list of providers is another great step toward achieving the maximum diversity and density we want to offer.’ Says Vincent Wammes, Managing Director of DCValley.

About DCValley

DCValley will be building its first non-metro/edge data center facility in Ede, The Netherlands. DCValley NL1 will be a 3MW premium facility designed at the Tier III level, focused on uptime and resilience, highly connected and with flexible services for a wide array of customers. The highly attractive region in the center of the country has a low risk profile and is situated a short distance to the Amsterdam Metro Area. DCValley’s core values include a focus on maximum sustainability using green power and an ATES for cooling and re-use of the generated heat. Next to this DCValley is designed using premium, proven and dependable technology. DCValley supports regional and national involvement in business opportunities and will be prepared for conventional services but also innovations like edge, IoT, OCP and other ICT trends.

About Fusix Networks

Established in 2011 by a champion in Internet Service Provider networking, Fusix Networks is fully focused on the best in class Internet connectivity and on building new IP networks. In the world of today, each enterprise has unique requirements regarding how users of its business applications reach out to the application. Yet, very few have knowledge in house, when they want to take control over this process by operating their own IP networks. Fusix Networks fills in this gap by offering necessary building blocks for IP networking and tools for network management. And when your network is up and running, we connect it to the core of the Internet by the most relevant, stable and fast routes.

Niels Raijer, Director Fusix Networks: “Our team is 100% dedicated to providing the highest quality and standards. But in order to succeed sometimes unorthodox approaches are needed and ‘our’ way may not always be the easiest. That’s exactly why our partners and customers love what we do.”

Contact details:

Fusix Networks:

Yulia Makhlin

+31 (0) 85 401 4441,                                                                 



Vincent Wammes

+31 (0) 85 0 656 126

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