• DCValley is the data center of the future. 2000m2 of colocation and private data center space in The Netherlands, powered and cooled by renewable energy sources. Low latency connections to all major Internet Exchanges in Europe.

  • Our vision

    Our goal is to create the most advanced Data Centers across Europe by using disruptive and open technology in order to let internet be used at its best, now and in the future.

    Data Center of the Future

    The Data Center of the future is not only built with the newest technology and components, it answers all the demands of the dynamic business. Demands like flexibility, scale and repetition. Only when answering to these parameters we can support the business the best way possible.

    Act Local and Innovate Global

    Global innovation is key for current businesses. IT and Data Centers support these highly needed innovations by facilitating the local trends and developments such as environmental awareness, healthcare, increase of population and demographic changes. We can work towards global sustainability by local actions.

    Strategic Partnerships

    We live in a world which is changing faster than ever, we need to unite as partners and collaborate to gain synergy. By sharing we believe that knowledge is increased. By collaboration we believe that questions are answered.

    Enabling Technology to strive forward

    Technology as business enabler means we have to support the technological changes by investing strategically in new technology. We have to enable technology itself.

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  • DCValley

    Your data center next door - high tech & sustainable

    Why DC Valley | State-of-the-art datacenter


    At DCValley, we believe in the power of technological innovations to make the world we live in a better (digital) place.

    DC Valley by night


    We do this to let people connect trough proven next day modular datacenter concept. Give them the opportunity to interconnect via and with the newest technology so that we share knowledge and information more to improve long term innovations.

    DC Valley | Greenfield datacenter


    DCValley is a state of the art agile Data Center build with the newest high end proven technologies and concepts which answers to today's ever changing IT and business demands.

    DC Valley | Datacenter Ede |The Netherlands

    Because of its central location, 15 meters above sea level, in a world of (bio)technological innovation we have chosen to build this state of the art Data Center in Ede, The Netherlands. Excellent data connectivity makes it possible to connect DCValley in a global network of Data Centers.

  • DCValley Network

    DCValley is a carrier-neutral Data Center, amongst the possible carriers are major local and international players and exchanges.

  • DCValley | Data Center - Facts & Figures

    We let the data speak for itself

    2,000 m2 IT-space

    Total floor area (IT-space, technical rooms and offices) 4,100 m2

    E.U.E. less than 1.25

    Energy Usage Effectiveness

    TIER III classification

    Based on Uptime Insitute publication

    Latest ISO certifications

    Compliant to latest ISO & NEN-EN norms

    Sustainable energy on site

    Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage (ATES 2.5MW cooling) and two wind turbines (3MW electrical)

    Mid 2018

    Expected Completion

  • DCValley location | detailed

    Business Park BT A12 - Ede

    Location DC Valley |BTA12

    On the crossroads of the A12 and A30, the municipality of Ede develops the BT A12 business park. This sustainable business park, with a total area of about 100 hectares, is located in the heart of Food Valley. BT A12 has a direct connection to the A30. It is easily accessible, not only by car, but by public transport and bicycle as well.


    Google maps with points of interest


    We connected with a special purpose.

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    Vincent Wammes


    Managing Director


    +31 85 065 6126

    Deniz Arslan


    Commercial Manager


    +31 85 065 6126

    Fius van Laar | DC Valley

    Fius van Laar

    DCValley - Project Developer


    +31 6 270 181 36

    Gerard Heuvelman

    Gerard Heuvelman

    BV Stichts Beheer van 1952 - Construction Manager / Investor


    +31 318 52 41 41

  • Partners - Sponsors - Involved

    Connecting IT

    Central to IT Valley is the cooperation in the ICT sector in the Food Valley region. This applies to IT companies, educational institutions and of course all IT professionals currently working in the ICT sector.

    Building operations

    We work carefully and result oriented. But above all in a personal way. Experience shows that our customers appreciate this. Our specialities are project development, construction management and real estate management. Interconnected disciplines on which, with our experience and knowdledge, we can offer you tailored advise.

    Connecting the future

    A solution for every conceivable data management issue can be found at Unica, the Unica Fastcom business unit specializes in the technical infrastructure of Data Centers. All through Europe, Unica Fastcom consults, constructs, operates and maintain reliable, secure and technically advanced web hosting centers, computer rooms and Data Centers.

    By Ede for Ede

    The municipality of Ede is developing non-stop. Entrepreneurs play an important role in this development. We are creating our economic policy together with (local) entrepeneurs and always keep the interest in businesses in mind.


    This can be seen in the cooperation within the Region Food Valley, the coming of the World Food Center to Ede and the fact that Ede is the 2014 Capital of Taste.


    Our buro has a clear and realistic view of real estate. Our goals are simple: use our creativity to realise projects that are customers are satisfied with. Integrative thinking is key, we incorporate different disciplines in our developing process. We cooperate with partners, end users and developers to realise that perfect project.


    We are independent engineers, an experienced advisor in the field of renovation, new construction and reconstructions. Our services include applying for permits, subsidies and assistance with relocation. The nature of the projects we execute is versatile and include sub-projects as well as the Turn- key development of buildings.

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